Telescope Making for Amateurs

Galileo was not experienced at making telescopes when he built the first one. He was just like any other common man. He was fascinated by the sky and the stars and was eager to find a solution to discovering the sky at night.

Hence, he decided to invent a device that would enable him to fulfil his desire, thereby resulting in the creation of the first telescope.

At present, anyone can purchase a telescope easily. However, for an inexperienced astronomer, making a telescope is like setting out on an adventure anxiously.

As a matter of fact, one can make one’s own telescope despite the fact that it is time consuming and involves a lot of technicalities. Telescope making is suggested to those who are adventurous and really interested in making one.

It is not difficult to build a telescope. However, it becomes less tedious if one gets the help of a person who has had the experience of building a few ones in the past. Hence, it is advised to find a mentor.

In case, one is unable to find anyone who is experienced at making telescopes, trying to find someone at the nearest astronomy club should be a good idea.

Many such clubs have at least a few members who have made telescopes. Generally, such people eagerly help out novices.

For a novice, making a telescope could really be cumbersome. It is advised to be patient and calm. Many great innovations have been results of several experiments and related inaccuracies.

It is essential to refer to some books so as to understand the technicalities involved in building a telescope, before venturing into the field. Many good references for telescope making by amateurs could be found at any local library.

The components required for making a telescope are mirror, lenses, a support for the complete set up, materials for polishing the telescope’s mirror, mounting and many more.

Most of the listed components could be bought from any nearby shop or from any website. One can even grind one’s own mirror. However, it is quite tiresome.

Telescope MakingFor an amateur, making a telescope is quite time consuming. It is advised to work carefully so as to avoid clearing up the mess after the completion of the work. Newspapers may be laid out to ensure that everything is in place.

A log book may be maintained so as to keep a record of all the work done and the time taken for the each task.

At a later stage, this really helps in letting the amateur telescope maker know how much time is to be spent on particular tasks. It is quite natural to forget what one does at present and what has been done earlier.

An amateur telescope maker can be very satisfied with his work. However, one might even consider buying a telescope kit instead of purchasing each component of the telescope individually. Buying a telescope kit would save money and time as well. In fact, telescope kits are meant specifically for amateurs rather than professionals.