An Introduction to Telescopes

The desire to see the stars and the planets gave rise to the idea of telescopes by a man called Galileo. Hundreds of years ago, Galileo dreamt about a mechanical device that could enable him to see stars, planets and other distant objects in the night.

This is how telescopes were invented when Galileo realized his dream. From that time, with the advancement in science and technology, telescopes kept on evolving and today we have extremely powerful telescopes that can be used to explore those distant objects that had never been explored before.

Previously, telescopes were only used by professionals to study celestial objects but with the passage of time, people started buying telescopes in order to enjoy astronomy. People adapted astronomy as a hobby and they are fascinated by viewing distant objects in the sky. People always find it captivating to look around the place they live in; earth.

All of us today know the benefits provided by telescopes. The possibilities, of different celestial objects that you can view using a telescope, are endless. You can see moon, stars, planets etc. You can easily see the craters that are on the moon. Moreover, you can also examine the shininess of stars in the night using a telescope. You can also explore or study the constellations as they always have some mythical significance.

The advantages, given by telescopes to us, are enormous. So many discoveries that have been made in the past few decades wouldn’t have been possible without the use of telescopes.

Today we know our neighbouring planets like Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter etc only due to the use of telescopes. Telescopes have enabled to know about our solar system, our galaxy; the Milky Way. With the advancement in physics, we are continuously discovering and exploring different galaxies and planets that exist in the universe.

The power and price of a telescope are directly proportional. The more powerful the telescope, the more expensive it would be. If you want a telescope as a hobby, then it would be advisable for you to buy an inexpensive one. But if you are serious about astronomy then you might think about buying an expensive one; a powerful one.

Another interesting fact about telescopes is that you can make your personal telescope at home; quite strange isn’t it. If you are interesting in building your own telescope then you can rush to any hobby store to get different kits that will enable you to build your own telescope. You just have to assemble the kits that you have got to make your own telescope.

The enormity of this universe is sometimes terrifying for some people and the possibilities of discovering new objects in the universe are endless. Science has explored this universe a lot but there is still a lot to be explored.

Telescopes are the only way to have the fun of looking outside your world. Whether you are considering astronomy professionally or you are considering it a hobby, it is, indeed, real fun.