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Tasco 48t telescope

When you are in need for a large-resolution astrophotography i.e. photographing & studying of celestial bodies then the telescope of Tasco 48t type fits well into the scheme of things.

This product can be found at kid's stores where stores sell it as a learning toy as it's relatively basic, assembling is easy, tinier than the general sized telescope forms & represent an easy format for kids to use and fun with.

Keep in mind that the Tasco 48t happen to be a comparatively older hand use model and finding it these days is not an easy task, that of course if you happen to be lucky and are able to pick one at one of the various auction or online e-commerce sites.

In case of the kids wanting to have their own telescope and are interested in studying about the stars, but you aren't well acquainted about things related to telescopes or astronomy then you will be best served by purchasing a telescope of Tasco 48t kind which will prove to be the best thing for you child at a primary stage of learning.

Alt-azimuth Mount is what A Tasco 48t learning telescope is also termed as. It provides a strong base for the telescope; the whole base & telescope are adjustable from top to bottom and sideways too, this allows to you see exactly what object or area up above you want to see along with your kids, Tasco 48t allows you to do this.

The mount gives you the option to place the telescope in particular direction and hold it here one you have been able to find the position that you'd like to view.

Another thing you can get the kids is a Barlow Lens that fits well with the Tasco 48t. The lens can be easily fitted over the eyepiece of the telescope, this improves the viewing at night and the kids will enjoy sky gazing in the dark too.

You can purchase the kids a Barlow Lens that fits well with the Tasco 48t and it comes in a variety of sizes of magnifications beginning from 2X (that converts into double image size).

Admittedly the Tasco 48t happens to be somewhat of an old telescope, but then too it serves it purpose in more than one ways, it the best way for fresher to begin with even though it happens to be a basic telescope the views of the sky during the nights are pretty clear. So despite this begin a basic type of telescope its pretty much what's need for your kids!

Yahoo or Ebay are both good auction sites when trying to locate a Tasco 48t online. The other option for location the telescope is either at the hobby shop, garage sale or the flea market.

It gives you what you want, an inexpensive product that will be the beginning of a great learning curve for the kids and perhaps if you have never gone stargazing then this is the best way to being, with a Tasco 48t telescope.

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